Fighting for you.
Fighting for you.
  • FAQ's

    Can you help with unfiled business taxes?

    Yes. Often the barrier for a business is scant or sloppy record-keeping. This is where it really helps for your lawyer to also be a CPA. I can help you develop a clear financial report so that there is a real chance at getting those taxes filed.

    My situatuion seems impossible; can one of those TV companies really make my tax debt go away?

    The solution to your problem really depends upon what you are willing to do. The most important step is to get all of the financial reports completed first; then and only then can a strategy be made. Don't rely on empty promises with something this important.

    What if it's not my fault?

    There are some forms of relief such as "innocent spouse" but these really depend upon the specifics of each situation. There is no "magic bullet" to make the problem disappear but with intelligent planning and aggressive representation, you can put these problems behind you for good.

    I thought if I had an S-Corp. it was not taxable?

    That is correct but it does not mean that you will owe no tax. It simply means that your business entity is not taxed on its profits; but the amount of profit attributable to your share of the ownership "flows-through" directly to you as taxable.

    Will you send me to another firm or some tax preparer to build my missing records first?

    No. Absolutely not. I believe that the best way to assist you with this problem is to understand how the records were built and where the information came from. I will personally assist you in rebuilding your records and then represent you.

    Do you go to Tax Court?

    Yes. If we reach a point that Tax Court may required, you will be informed of all your options first. If Tax Court is necessary to resolve an issue, you can rest assured that you will be represented by someone that understands the problem and is willing to fight for your interests.